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2021 projects

You will find here the current projects for our breeding. These are the species for which we will eventually have animals available. 


  • California king snake

  • California king snake high white x  banded

  • Florida lavender king snake

  • Florida king snake lavender x Jelly het axanthic

  • Mexican black king snake

  • Japanese blue rat snake

  • Black rat snake

  • Leucistic black rat snake

  • Black rat snake scaleless

  • Corn snake okeetee

  • Corn Snake okeete x tessera

  • Corn Snake snow x  albino

  • Corn snake snow x anery, tessera

  • Corn snake snow x snow tessera

Bébé milk snake.jpg

Colubrids (next)

  • Honduran dairy snake

    • Tricolor het snow x ghost

    • Tricolor het snow x tricolor hypo

    • Hypo tangerien vp x extreme hypo

    • Hypo tangerien vp x hypo tricolor

    • Hypo tangerien vp x hypo tangerine

    • Albino tangerine

    • Snow x albino tangerine

  • Pueblan milk snake

  • Beauty blue rat snake

  • Cave rat snake


  • Boa constrictor

    • Sunglow motley x Leopard

    • Leopard x hypo het leopard

    • Monglow x albino motley

    • Sunglow x albino

    • Albino (sharp) x het albino (sharp)

    • Het blood x hypo het blood


  • Brazilian rainbow boa

  • Royal python

    • bleu eyed luci pastel x pinstrip butter

    • bleu eyed luci pastel x pastel phamton

    • bleu eyed luci pastel  x bleu eyed luci 


Boa constritor léopard x hypo, het léopa


  • Gastropholis prasina

  • Lacerta trilineata 

  • Bearded dragon

    • Extreme orange translucent hypo x orange x translucent

    • Extreme orange translucent hypo x Citrus Het hypo /  het translucent

    • Extreme orange translucent hypo x Leatherback het translucent

    • Red het translucent / het hypo x regular 

    •  Red het translucent / het hypo x red leatherback het translucent / het hypo

  • Chameleon

    • Veiled chameleon

    • Translucent  veiled chameleon

    • Super translucent veiled chameleon

    • Veiled high white translucent

    • Panther chameleon masoala

Lizards (next) & Amphibians

  • Crested gecko

    • 100% pinstripe

    • Pinstripe

    • Harlequin

    • Dalmatian

    • Super dalmatian

    • Bicolor orange

    • Harlequin orange

    • Tricolor

  • Gecko Gargoyle

  • Gecko chahoua (maind land)

  • Gecko léopad 

  •    Électric tangerine

  •    Tangerine

  •    Hypo

  •    Super hypo    

  •    Mac snow

  • Blue electric gecko (Lygodactylus willimasi)

  • Densrobate

    • Azureus

    • Bicolor (green leg)

    • Santa Isabela

    • Citronella

    • Auratus green & black

    • Leucomelas



  • Scaber pruinosus -power blue

  • Saber Wild type

  • Scaber koi

  • Scaber ember orange

  • Scaber spanish orange

  • Scaber calico

  • Scaber lava

  • Scaber leavis dairy cow

  • Scaber leavis milk back

  • Scaber leavis california mix

  • Scaber ornatus high yellow

  • Scaber ornatus high yellow chocolate

  • Scaber hoffmannseggi

  • Scaber valencia

  • Scaber Incanus

  • Scaber sevilla

  • Scaber dillitatus

  • Porcellio bolivari nickleri

  • Porcellio bolivari expensus orange

  • Cubaris murina 

  • Cubaris panda king 

  • Cubaris purple Giant 

  • Cubaris papaya 

  • Cubaris caramel creme  

  • Cubaris dark piphun 

  • Cubaris jupiter

  • Cubaris lemon blue

  • cubaris rubber ducky

Waiting list

Several species that we breed are highly prized and we have a delay before they are available. Contact us so that we can put you on the waiting list

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

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